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Leverage Data.  Optimize Assets.  Balance Networks.



Asset Balance Solutions (ABS) was founded to empower leaders and businesses by implementing a robust data utilization strategy.


Without a robust data strategy, most data insights are lost in the everyday shuffle of business. A focused strategy can identify forward-looking metrics and new data relationships and fight the tendency to focus on yesterday's results.

ABS follows a four-step process to plan, prepare, blend and visualize an organization's data.  Every facet from how data is created, warehoused, stored and extracted affects its usefulness.


By simplifying complexity and identifying key data relationships, a company can remove the fog and glean new insights. Data is generated at a rapid rate in each business cycle, but isn't often fully utilized. With a refreshed data strategy, people, processes and systems align to bring light to new opportunities and formulate true balance.​



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Josh Kolar
Founder and Owner

Josh Kolar is the Founder and Owner at Asset Balance Solutions. He is skilled in creating data utilization strategies around systems and complex data. He is passionate for people and data, with a knack for aligning these critical resources through his experiences in needs assessment, strategy design, process optimization, software development and data analytics.


Josh has 15+ years of real-world experience including positions at Werner Enterprises, Union Pacific Railroad, KPMG and UPS. Most recently, he has made an impact in the intermodal, rail, OTR and door-to-door segments of the logistics and transportation industry. In addition, he has had experiences in parcel distribution, IT auditing, IT consulting, and manufacturing. He most recently designed and implemented a transportation management system at a major transportation and logistics company. The project was recognized by CIO Magazine as a recipient of the 2019 Digital Edge 50 Award.

Key Skills & Interests:

  • Business strategy assessment

  • Predictive, prescriptive & descriptive data modeling

  • Data visual analytics - Tableau, MS Products

  • Google Analytics

  • Process improvement & automation

  • Project management

  • System implementation process

  • Agile methodologies

  • Change Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Business intelligence through AI

  • Blockchain

  • Lean principles

  • Ecosystems & community structures

Proud Member of:

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